Questions and answers

  1. What is Youandme-We.Com?

    Youandme-We.Com is a closed multilingual society, which is intended for dating, communication and meetings.
    This service is simple, modern, confidential, anonymous and individual.

  2. How can a lady register?

    Ladies can register either remotely or in the offices of our closed international multilingual dating service.
    They undergo a special questionnaire and provide documents proving their identity.
    A lady can’t be registered at the service, if she doesn’t prove her identity.

    Ladies, if you wish to be registered in our community, you need to contact support service via e-mail,
    undergo a special questionnaire and prove your identity.

  3. How can a gentleman register?

    Gentlemen can register at Youandme-We.Com by filling a special form of Registration.

    The Youandme-We.Com Administration has the right to refuse to register on the site without explanation.

  4. Why everything is free for ladies?

    Youandme-We.Com basic rule - gentlemen pay for everything.
    In turn, we guarantee that all the ladies of our service are real.

    Our specialists perform personal interviews with ladies in our offices.
    Today, Youandme-We.Com has 4 offices in CIS countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan).
    In case a lady can't come to the office, she can confirm her identity by the remote verification of her data.

  5. In what way does Youandme-We.Com differ from other dating sites?

    Youandme-We.Com will help you to understand each other perfectly.

    Together with messaging, the site provides quality professional translations,
    offered by our partner AnyLang Translation Network© (this service is optional).
    No one automatic online translator can convey mood, feelings and emotions, as a real person can.
    Privacy and anonymity are guaranteed.

  6. How can I send a message on Youandme-We.Com?

    You can send a message for a user of Youandme-We.Com in two ways:
    - You need to get the status “Active Membership”;
    - Through the service of our partner AnyLang Translation Network©.

  7. How much does a translation cost?

    A translation costs €0.06 per word. minimal cost of a private message is €1.

    If you get the status of “Active Membership” on Youandme-We.Com,
    translations for you will be with % 10 discount (€0.054 per word).

    Plus we give an exclusive system of bonuses and discounts for translation.
    The translation cost can be reduced up to % 30. You can learn more about that after your Registration.

  8. What translation directions are available at this moment?

    Russian → English
    Russian → German
    Russian → French
    Russian → Italian
    Russian → Spanish
    English → Russian
    German → Russian
    French → Russian
    Italian → Russian
    Spanish → Russian